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Standard fixture
      PLG402-B, PLG602-B
IP65 fixture
      PLG2-3, PLG2-4
      400V development
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PLG401, PLG601
400W/600W electronic ballast, both sides with cable connection

PLG402-B, PLG602-B
400W/600W electronic ballast, cable direct input


400W electronic ballast, with IP63 protection

1200W electronic ballast, double ballast combination






Plants need light for proper growth. The range of the light spectrum produced by artificial light (particularly H.I.D. light) enhances the natural light derived from the sun by many times over. Combined with proper nutrients it dramatically shortens the ripening time of flowers and plants. At the same time it promotes the yield so that you get faster and better results.

Productivity in greenhouses is in some cases ten-fold, comparable to field production. Product quality is generally much higher from greenhouse than from field-produced vegetables. Artificial light at night or on cloudy days becomes popular in greenhouses especially in the USA, the Netherlands and several other European countries.

Electronic Ballast of our PLG series Sodium Lamps has a character of low weight, high PF, low THD, high efficiency and excellent displaying index. Suit for a large voltage scope. No effect on the bulb lifetime by the fluctuating of power. It’s a kind of product that saves energy, protects environment and benefits health. It can be used in Industrial mine enterprises, greenhouses, urban illuminating facilities, traffic illuminations, and stadiums, etc.

Our products have the best quality/price ratio in the market. We researched and developed series of lighting products which are up to the market need. Meanwhile, we own intellectual property, patents and a well-known brand. Details regarding our specific characteristicscan be found in our document of product comparison.

Strength of our electronic ballast:

  • The only product which is certified by TUV-GS, UL, FCC
  • RoHS compliance tested and passed
  • Second prize winner of Hortifair 2003
  • 4 international patents

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