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Refer to Wikipedia, an electrodeless lamp or induction light is a light source in which the power required to generate light is transferred from outside the lamp envelope to inside via electromagnetic fields, in contrast with a typical electrical lamp that uses electrical connections through the lamp envelope to transfer power. There are three advantages of eliminating electrodes:

  • Extended lamp life, because the electrodes are usually the limiting factor in lamp life.
  • The ability to use light-generating substances of higher efficiency that would react with metal electrodes in normal lamps.
  • Improved collection efficiency because the source can be made very small without shortening life, a problem in electroded lamps

Two systems are described as illustrated in righ side – one, plasma lamps, based on the use of radio waves energizing a bulb filled with sulfur or metal halides, the other, fluorescent induction lamps, based upon conventional fluorescent lamp phosphors.

  Induction highbay with external ballast


„Highbay with induction bulb“ is an ideal solution to replace the traditional HPM (high pressure mercury vapor lamps) highbay. We supply 80W-200W induction lamp with special features of

  • the innovative heatpine technology to solve the over-heated problem
  • External ballast solution to assure the long lifetime and stability
  • compact bulb shape to get similar appearance of trational lamp
  • with low frequancy technology to avoide EMC problem
  • color temperature (3000K/5000K) can be changed by simply exchange to another glass bulb

>>download datasheet

  Compact all-in-one induction lamp


If you want to keep your current reflectors of highbay, our compact all-in-one induction lamp can be alternative

  • induction bulb and electronic ballast are integrated into one body. Very compact
  • E40 standard socket for easy replace
  • Special technology to enable us to offer you high power till 200W

>>download datasheet


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