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LED Highbay


LED Floodlight
Floodlight (10-300W)


What ever for indoor or outdoor application, we can always offer top quality LED highbay to save up to 70% energy. With Cree LED and Mean Well power supply...more

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Nowsdays it is very popular to use LED floodlight to relace old generation halogen floodlight. LED floodlight can not only saving energy, but also...more

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LED Panel


LED panel has features of super slim, unform light and elegant design. It is light in weight and easily controlled ...more

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Applying the LED to the traditional T8 or T5 fluorescent tube is not only an idea but has become reality by now...more

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Downlight (10W-28W)



Ceiling Lamp


Flourescent downlight is out of date now. We offer you 4", 6" and 8" LED to replace them with comfortable color and high CRI value to meet you expectation...more

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Traditional ceiling lamp with incandescent bulb or energy-saving lampe can be easily replaced by LED Ceiling lamp. More light, less weight and less energy...more

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Track Lamp


Shop Lamp


Track lamp is widely used in many applications due to its flexibily. The new design of LED track lmap is equiped with Cree/Sharp/Citizen LED, it gives very comfortable light to highting specific objects....

>>download Datenblatt LED Tubes


Good lamps in shop can build special atmosphare to attrack customers and to promote your sales. We can offer you many different products and solution to meet your specific requirments....

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The spot lights are used as illumination and decoration at home and in public areas. The traditional 30W/50W halogen spot light can be replaced by LED spot light...more

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Unique design, very comfortable light through the silicon milky surface are the main features of our LED candle and bulb. Meanwhile the ceramic base...more

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Street Lighting (30-120W)
IP65 Waterproof fixture

The new generation of steet lighting made from high power LED has many advantages compared to Ltraditional street lighting, it unique design...more

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For the IP65 waterproof application we have two solutions: empty housing for LED tubes, or integrate one LED PCB inside of the fixture...more

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LED lighting is becoming a promising alternative to conventional light sources because of its competitive advantages: longevity, high efficiency, small size and short response time.

As a professional company working on energy-saving products and technologies, LeuchTek offers you most advanced and reliable products. We are proud of becoming a powerful player especially in the high power lighting area (10W-400W).

LED lighting helps saving energy and money. The table below gives you a short overview of its advantages compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Parameters 3W LED 10W fluorescent 25W incandescent
Lifetime(h) 50000 6000 1500
Nr.of consumed bulbs in 50000h 1 9 34
Bulb price(EUR) 15 1.5 0.45
50000h bulb cost 15 13.5 15.3
50000h power consumption(kwh) 200 650 1500
50000h electricity cost(0.17EUR/kwh) 34 110 255
Total cost in 50000h 49 123.5 289

If you want to learn more about our products and our company, you can contact us or download LeuchTek "LED lighting" presentation


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