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In side of the slim SparTube body, there are many patented technologies and inovative ideas.


Electronic ballast is integrated inside of the tubes.

Most of the traditional T8 fluorescent tubes work together with magnetic ballast (and starter) which consumpts a lot of energy.

Electronic ballast has much higher efficiency than magnetic ballast. In SparTube, the electronic ballast is integrated in the both sides of the tube. Thus, the SparTube works without external ballast, and it can save a lot of energy.



Applying the nano material and zero-current technology on the electrodes

The lifetime of the fluorescent tubes is higly depended on the electrodes inside. In SparTubes, the current through the electrodes is decreased to near zero, meanwhile, the electrodes are coated with new nano material. Thus the lifetime is prolonged dramatically.



Tube-in-tube technology

It is visible that the SparTube consists of two tubes, the outter is a thick transparant glass tube and the inner is a thin fluorescent tube. This structure builts one air layer between two tubes and this air layer is like constant temperature room for inner tube. It prolongs the lifetime of inner tube. Further, it decreases the surface temperature of the outter tube. Thus SparTube issues less heating and easy the load of air-condition machine in summer time to save more energy.


Reflector inside

A fluorescent tube issues light to all directions and some of them are just wasted. In SparTube, an aluminum reflector has been integrated inside and this reflector can save part of the wasted light.


No Flick, quick start

Unlike the traditional fluorescent and magnetic ballast which the light flickers following the low 50HZ frequency and it always takes momoment to turn on, the electronic ballast inside of the SparTube works with high frequency thus the human eyes will not feel the light flick anymore.


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