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About us

The mission of LeuchTek GmbH is to service the European enterprises and market with the cost-effective and high quality products as well as manufacturing service.Our team consist of experts with experiences in various industries and international market. The company is run by a qualified management team.

Currently we focus on 4 activities:

LED Lighting
As a professional company working on energy-saving products and technologies, LeuchTek offers you most advanced and reliable products. We are pround of becoming a powerful player especially in high power lighting area (10W-200W).

LeuchTek is a endorser company of the European Greenlight Programm.

Agricultural Lighting
Light in Greenhouse can dramatically shorten the ripen time of plants and flowers and promote the yield. Artificial lighting becomes a booming market. Such lamps are controlled by "ballasts". However the traditional magnetic ballast consumes high electricity and has many disadvantages. Our new electronic ballast can save over 50% energy than traditional magnetic ballast to ease up the ever-increasing critical energy issue....

Electrodeless induction lamp
Electrodeless induciton lamp has ultra-long lifetime. Rated lifetime is 60,000-100,000h (that is over 22 years at 12 hours of ignition per day).-Energy-saving, 30% over HPS, MH and fluorescent lamp-better color, full specturm increases vilibility

LeuchTek is endorser company of the European Greenlight Programme, an initiative promoted by the European Commission. LeuchTek is partner and supportor company of Hamburg Freezer Club.


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